Kelli Blalock

Web Developer


Hi, I'm Kelli! I love developing web apps with JavaScript and Python and come to web development from a background in IT. As far as education, I've got a BS degree in Computer Information Systems, and have continued web development and programming training at UW Professional & Continuing Education and Udacity.

I also enjoy learning new things, writing, and sharing what I've learned with others. You can see some of my writing at where I've started posting articles.


  • Musical Chairs: Automated

    Musical Chairs: Automated

    React app using the <audio> element that lets you automate the starting and stopping of music in a Musical Chairs game.

  • Hearthstone Card Search

    Hearthstone Card Search

    This Node.js/Express app gets card data from an API and lets you search cards and filter by multiple classes, sets, types, rarities, tribes, and mechanics.

  • Hearthstone Deck Saver

    Hearthstone Deck Saver

    Web app built with JavaScript that lets you save copied Hearthstone® decks to the browser's local storage. Note: Hearthstone is an online collectible card game by Blizzard. I'm not affiliated with Blizzard, but use their trademarked Heartstone name as well as card info in accordance to their policy.

  • Meditation Timer

    Meditation Timer

    This web app built with JavaScript lets you input the number of minutes you'd like to meditate and counts down from that time to zero alerting you with a sound and a popup window when the time is up. You can also reset the timer as well as pause, stop, and resume the countdown.

  • Farmer's Market Finder

    Farmer's Market Finder

    Web app built with JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Knockout that lets visitors enter a US zip code and shows nearby Farmers Markets based on data obtained from the USDA National Farmers Market Directory on a Google Map.

  • Link Collector

    Link Collector

    Multi-user bookmarking web app built with Python and Flask that users can log in to with Google. Admin users can create categories and collections of links and edit or delete any links. Regular users can add links and update or delete their own links.


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